Leonard den Hollander

Leonard  den  Hollander
Naam: Leonard den Hollander
Mobiel: (06) 5371 0811

Over Leonard:

Controller, assistant controller, senior finance or accounting manager with over 25 years of experience managing teams up to 20 people. Budgets from € 50K to € 250M for social firms, non-profit (care, culture) to listed multinational companies.

Dynamic, sometimes a bit impatient, aiming for result, efficiency improvement and getting things done.
Successful in transitions, reorganizations and growth.

Skilled team builder and enhancer of the quality of the team and the individual team members. Always looking for short term improvements as leads to structural and permanent long term enhancements of quality and efficiency.

Broad knowledge and experience with salary administration, procurement and project management
Experience in FMCG, ICT, care, culture, advertising.
Degree in SPD I and II. Additions: IFRS courses, financing care course, Lean Six-sigma.